Best Left Unsaid EP

by Best Left Unsaid

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released July 19, 2012

All music written and preformed by Best Left Unsaid
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Andrew D'Angelo
Thank you to Jonathon Argondizza of Last Great Hero for help with Magnolia Avenue.



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Best Left Unsaid

Long Island Ounk

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Track Name: Dude, We're Like Mechanics
if i asked some questions would you answer them truthfully
or would you tell me more lies to get my head wrapped more around you
lately i cant do anything i cant keep my head up high
everything was perfect before i got involved with you
but i was never happier than when i was next to you
thinking of the good times just makes me feel down
i cant help feeling like this

yes its been a bad week but my friends keep saying it'll get better
i got to believe them i cant say tomorrow ill be just fine
you never talk to me and you probably never think of me
but i don't think you realize the effect that you have on me

and maybe next year you'll think what you did was wrong
but you got a new boy and i wrote you a couple songs
nothing sucks more than being replaced
but that's something you'll never know
maybe i'm pathetic but you're definitely a liar
cigarette in your mouth you don't even know what you started
look at me i'm not as strong as i used to be
you're the only one id let do this to me

just one day in my shoes
see if you can stand yourself after seeing my point of view
just one day try it please
see if you can stand yourself after seeing my point of view
Track Name: Sleep
i get three hours a night
not enough to keep my bones standing upright
and i'm sure you're sleeping nice and tight
all i know is i'm not keeping you up

one day ill be alright
until then ill stay awake fighting with myself all night

somethings not right
well everyone deserves a little sleep at night
and i'd beg on my knees for some sort of clarity
clarity's one time you'll never give to me

you bend me you break me i cant stop the shaking
i get nervous at the slightest thought of talking to people or being completely separated from everything
Track Name: Six Feet Deep
there are reasons why i can't get close to anyone
and i hope that you know you've been added to the list
i was such a fool for you i should have kept thinking that i never had a chance

my confidence melted down
why did you have to led me on
you told me i was something
too bad now i'm nothing

drown me in the water under the ice i was skating on
you put my old self in the ground i just hope you like my songs
bury me six feet deep and choke on this note
i know you like to watch me so here it goes

i put up with your bad habits but you couldn't handle mine
all i did was care about you but you just broke me down
getting back on my feet's taking longer than expected
i could sit for hours and think of why this ended
Track Name: Magnolia Avenue
summer spent on the backstreets of your town
i was hoping that you would stick around

thinking to myself oh man this could be great
looks like things are finally going my way
summer spent on the backstreets of your town
i was hoping that you would stick around

and who's to say i'm not good at anything
at least i could say i stay true to my friends
you've changed and i don't like who you've become
you've changed and i wish i could see the sun on magnolia

the summer heat doesn't bother me
i've walked so many miles in the shoes on my feet
you probably just got tired of me
and now ill walk alone on these cold October streets