If You Only Knew

by Best Left Unsaid

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This is a record that's simply about growing up. It's about getting older, getting through tough times, learning from your mistakes, and about the uncertainty that the future holds. We've all learned a lot as people over these past five years and if you only knew the amount of stress, emotion, and sleepless nights that went into this record, then you would understand how unbelievably hard it is for us to realize that this is our last chance, that it's our last opportunity to make our mark on the community. You even taking the time to read even this means more to us than you'll ever know, so thank you. Thank you for picking up this record and thank you for supporting us. But if this is really our last chance to impress you, then we're not going down without a fight.
-Best Left Unsaid

"This album is very good."- Adam Parker


released March 4, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Mackey
Album Art by Hingwa Moy
All music written and performed by Best Left Unsaid

Additional Vocals:
Chris Reagan of No Good News sings in Fighting Chance
Jason Karpinski formerly of With Best Regards sings in Sleep

Best Left Unsaid is
Kyle Tomanelli
Nick Greco
Nick Arenare
Zahin Huq
Matt Brady



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Best Left Unsaid

Long Island Ounk

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Track Name: Mistakes
Here I am
Looking for another way to say the
Things that I can't say to your face
And here It goes
You've been on my mind too long
It's time to give up and let go

Some things never change
I haven't learned a single thing
You meant everything
Maybe next time I'll learn from my mistakes
Track Name: Fighting Chance
I'm not fairly certain
What the future holds for me
faced with these tough choices
And I'm not sure which way to lean
And I still don't know
who I want to be
I know I hate this place
but I'm not sure if I want to leave

We've got nothing more to lose
But everything to prove

We can't sleep the night away
If we quit now we'll fade away
Could you just give my mind a break
From the stress and regret of all that I'm leaving
And did you not know the price you'd pay
when you walked out and ran away
Could you just give my mind a break
because my thoughts are repressed and i don't feel like repeating it

I can't bear the burden
of letting you all down
All of my hopes and dreams have my head up in the clouds
with my feet still on the ground
We can't pretend that all the things we did
when we were young
was all for not and I was wrong

We've got one last fighting chance
let's make the most of it while we still can
Track Name: Antagonist
I'm holding on to
Things I can't keep
I've got to let you know
I just can't let you go
So when you come to me with questions that I'll never answer
I hope you know that I can't fucking stand this endless banter

Yeah you wrote
the book on telling lies

Maybe things would be different if you only knew
Every little thing that you put me through
I said I'm done with you
I never thought it would end this way
I hope I never see you again

I'm holding on to the summer nights you spent with me
I hate going back to those summer streets
Days when everything felt so right
Did you not expect me to put up a fight
And you turned you back
And left me for dead
You never cared too much
The only I ever said is that I'm doing alright
Track Name: Rocks and Sand
Woah I always do this to myself
Where I overthink and almost ruin everything I have
And I'm so sick of feeling this way
Every night spent wide awake just trapped inside my brain

And I'm sorry
you had to see me like that
And I'm sorry
I'm not gunna forget

I swore I'd never feel this way again
I can't keep waiting for the world to end
I've lost my head
my knees cut up from rocks and sand
Trying not to lose control

And every step I take
leaves me broken and waiting for change
And every step I take
leaves me regretting every move that I make

And I'm sorry

I've been slowly starting shit with every word that I sing
And the next song I write will leave another fucking thing to fall through
For me for you
you know that it's true
I'm just self loathing and there's nothing anyone can do
Track Name: Sleep
i get three hours a night
not enough to keep my bones standing upright
and i'm sure you're sleeping nice and tight
all i know is i'm not keeping you up

one day ill be alright
until then ill stay awake fighting with myself all night

somethings not right
well everyone deserves a little sleep at night
and i'd beg on my knees for some sort of clarity
clarity's one time you'll never give to me

you bend me you break me i cant stop the shaking
i get nervous at the slightest thought of talking to people or being completely separated from everything
Track Name: Outgrown
Well you'd be right if you guessed I spend my nights alone
I reached the bottom but it's safe to say that time has shown
You mean nothing to me I guess you've been outgrown
Now I see you as the person I wish I had never known

My silence speaks volumes
of books I've written for you
I only wish you could hear me
My constant scream with no one listening

So this is me finally getting over you
I've been in denial for a year or two
and now I can say without a doubt
I'll have to find someone else to write about

My thoughts melted on the paper but all that came out was your name
I can't just cross out all the goddamn years you took from me
I'd rather forget but I know I'll always have those memories with me
Now I'm glad that you're happy
Now i'm glad that you're happy
Even though It's without me
I'm so damn glad that you're happy

So I'll see you around
You're so passive aggressive
I can see right through your frown
I know you all too well
I hope you're sleeping well
And to think that I felt something for you
Track Name: Recluse
I've spent too much time reflecting on my life
watching the world go by
from the corner of my eye
I'm nothing but reminiscence and regret from
a life I've barely lived
and all the shit I did

Was it worth it?

So I'll spend my nights alone
just me and my memories
and I'll think myself asleep
allow my regrets to eat away at me
we can't live so nostalgically
with this rush in my head and the sweat on my neck
and now I can barely breathe

After constantly reliving my life in my head
I've come to the conclusion
it could have gone better, it would have gone better if
I haven't spent those days
just wasting away
And all my time
Just lost inside my mind

When we were younger we would think
of how things would turn out perfect
now i'm here and all i can ask is
Was it Worth It?

Was it worth it
To leave this all behind?
Was it worth it
To say our last goodbyes?