Fighting Chance

by Best Left Unsaid

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The first single off our upcoming record "If You Only Knew"

Thanks to Chris Regan of No Good News helping us out and providing guest vocals


I'm not fairly certain
What the future holds for me
faced with these tough choices
And I'm not sure which way to lean
And I still don't know
who I want to be
I know I hate this place
but I'm not sure if I want to leave

We've got nothing more to lose
But everything to prove

We can't sleep the night away
If we quit now we'll fade away
Could you just give my mind a break
From the stress and regret of all that I'm leaving
And did you not know the price you'd pay
when you walked out and ran away
Could you just keep my mind at bay
because my thoughts are repressed and i don't feel like repeating it

I can't bear the burden
of letting you all down
All of my hopes and dreams have my head up in the clouds
with my feet still on the ground
We can't pretend that all the things we did
when we were young
was all for not and I was wrong

We've got one last fighting chance
let's make the most of it while we still can


released September 2, 2013



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Best Left Unsaid

Long Island Ounk

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